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Leftover WEN Haircare products. Great deal!

Hi ladies. I have been using WEN to try and get my hair nice and soft and looking fantastic for my upcoming wedding. Unfortunately though I haven't been using it as fast as they were sending it to me, and I've acquired a bunch of boxes that I would like to unload to get at least part of my money back. These boxes are BRAND NEW, only being opened to check the contents before I put them for sale on here.

I have 4 boxed sets of the Almond Mint scent (which smells awesome btw) available. Each box contains 2 16oz. bottles of cleansing conditioner, 1 4oz re-moisturizing intensive hair treatment, and 1 4oz. anti-freeze styling creme. This set normally retails for a little over $100, but I'm only asking $75. It's a great deal, and if you're interested in all 4 I would be willing to cut you a deal. I am located in the Pittsburgh area but can ship it to you with the buyer paying shipping. Thanks for looking!

Re: Leftover WEN Haircare products. Great deal!

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