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So as I am wring my final draft of what we have left to pay off I thought about what we should give as tips and I am completely clueless. Also for our photo strip tour we are getting a limo for the wedding party and a 29 seater bus for our guests, now do I tip each driver separate? I feel like its obvious that I should but just wanted to make here are the vendors I'm not sure as to how much to tip.....

Bell Trans (2 vehicles)
Harmony Medina
Glitter Lens Photography
Maggiano's (Delivery for In suite reception)
Drago Sisters Cake being delivered, but meeting them down at the valet pickup. if we wanted them to bring the cake up to our room it was in additional 20.00

Thank you in advance :)

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Re: Tipping

  • Typically limo companies add the tip in for you so you may want to inquire what the gratuity is so you know what to expect.  I would just give the two delivery folks $10 or something, maybe $5 for the one who just has to pull through the valet area.  My wife tipped Francesca 20% for her H&M.  Photography I think we sent Mike L a card and $100 after we got our photos and were very happy.

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  • I didn't realise limos included gratuity - we've got airport transfers, limo to get marriage licence, limo to ceremony and party bus afterwards, all through presidential - so do I not need to factor in a tip on all these journeys?

    Also, we're marrying at the Stratosphere, who use Cashman - do I need to tip their photographer?
  • Sorry, think I misread that, looks like gratuity is extra but they tell you how much?! If so any idea what sort of percentage? It's little things like this that are gonna blow our budget cos we're bound to forget to factor stuff in, hehe!
  • my transportation company told me tip is normally 5-10% which isn't bad!
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  • My experience has been with limos and private care rentals, it's nearly always 20% and nearly never included in the quoted rate, but will show up on the bill you're handed that day, or a bill for the difference if you pre-pay.  The drivers are typically paid mostly by tips.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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