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What do you think about a videographer? I thought I wanted one but after speaking with my FH I'm undecided.


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Re: Videographer

  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle member
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    We are still debating it but I think we may get one. The way we see it, this is something you only do once, theoretically, so it would be nice to have the memories. When I went skydiving it was my once in a lifetime deal so I got the video, so I feel the same about the wedding. And tn would be nice to show our future kids even though they probably would not care lol

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  • We might get a video done by someone in our family or maybe a film student. I think that it would be nice to have a videographer but it's not in our budget to put a lot of money into that area. We are planning on using a good portion of our small budget on the photographer since that's our top priority.
  • Thanks @pinkcow13 and @goofy&cool if I end up having enough in my budget then I will have one


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  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    I initially thought we wouldn't have one, but now I think we will.  Lots of places will do a basic video for under $1000.  That will be one of the last things we book though, so if something's gotta go, it might be that.
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  • I won't be using one.  It's too expensive, IMO. I think we will be just fine with our photographer
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  • I don't think we're doing one. Our budget just doesn't allow it and we aren't willing to scrimp on anything else to make it happen. We'll have someone film the ceremony for us. 
  • My FI and I were debating on having a videographer as well...with everything as it is we are spending quite a bit so our solution is to find a student or a friend or even church member that knows how to do it and pay them a couple hundred to do it...if not then we will just be content with the photographer. We are putting a nice chunk of our budget in the photographer as well.
  • With technology as advanced as it is today there should be someone that can do a very decent video for much less than the $1000-$2000 that many companies charge.

  • With technology as advanced as it is today there should be someone that can do a very decent video for much less than the $1000-$2000 that many companies charge.

  • Our budget doesn't really allow for one either. My parent's had a videographer at their wedding and they said they've never really gone back to watch their tapes so for them it was kinda a waste.

    My dad won one of these hand-held video recorders at work and it's really easy to use and good quality, I think we will use that ourselves. :)

  • Does anyone here know if you can find a photographer/videographer all in one package? Or do you always have to go with each separately? I've heard you can get them together, but I've not see this so far and I think it would just be easier to have them all in one package!
  • @lindseyfera Some companies offer both video and pictures. Check TK vendor section


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  • @Futuremrsds2015--thanks! will do! This is our next big task...eek!
  • You're welcome @lindseyfera I booked my photographer last week and I decided to get a videographer if my parents decide to help with the wedding (I know they will help but I'm not depending on it so I'm trying to stay within my budget)


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