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XP: An Older Bride

I am working with an older, interfaith couple -- she is Jewish, he is Catholic. She is also approaching if not entering menopause. Neither is interested in starting a family at this point in their lives.

Will the Catholic Church require her to promise to raise any children Catholic if the question of children is moot?  One reason the couple has postponed getting married was to avoid the question of children. The bride-to-be  said that, while she understands where the Catholic Church is coming from, she still feels insulted by such a request.

I know that many of the participants on this board are familiar with the finer points of the Church's regulations when it comes to interfaith (aka mixed) marriages and I admit that I am no expert. The question that is being asked is whether the Church will require the non-Catholic bride to promise to raise any children as Catholic if there is no possibility of children.

Thanking everyone in advance
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