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purchasing dress blues?

Hello all, my FI is a Marine, he's been out of the service for a few years however and he no longer has his dress blues. We discussed it and we both would like him to wear dress blues for the wedding. We have about 16 months until then, and I am not sure how to go about getting him the uniform, or how long it usually takes once ordered to arrive. Also I am not sure if that is something that would need altered, and would i have a problem finding someone who can do alterations on military uniforms, or is that nothing unusual? Thank you

Re: purchasing dress blues?

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    if he is a vet with a vet id, he can still get on base and may be able to order things from the PX/AFFES store near you. OR try AFFES online. I dont know if its actually authorized for him to wear them after he has gotten out unless hes retired (honestly, i have no idea and im navy so the stadards are different, yours are harder.) I'm sorry im not much help, but its a place to start. I know you can order medals online easy peasy and even have them boarded for you.
  • Oh I never even thought about the legality of it, good point. I know he wore his original dress blues to his sister's wedding, and he had already been out of the service for a few years, but I don't know that anyone questioned if he was allowed to. I'll have to check into it.

    He does have his veterans ID so at least if it's allowed he can gain access to the base stores. Thank you for your help!
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    your other option is to see if any of his old Marine buddies are still in and they can get his sizes for him if he cant get them himself. I don't think there is anything against him wearing it as long as its true to his last rank/privelage (medals and honors.) I've seen really oldschool retirees wear the new versions of their old uniform so it should be ok. As long as he doesnt give himself extra medals or an extra paygrade, he should be fine (yes, there are special kids who do this, probably more of a Navy thing and yes, i'm navy)

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