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Hey!  We are getting married indoors, but was wondering if the outdoor wedding people had any ideas on how to replicate whats in the photograph below.  We want to line the ceiling with lights.  Any thoughts?  Suggested vendors?image

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    You could just buy Christmas/twinkle lights and either string them yourself from the ceiling or hire a decor person and show them a picture of what you want.
  • I would recommend checking with venue to make sure their circuit breakers could handle this because you will have to have lots of lights plugged into each other & then into all the outlets.

    If they allow it, the easiest way is to take a board that you can attach to the ceiling (with venue permission because you'll need to screw the board into the ceiling) and attach all the strings to the board, then have them span out to the edge of the room. Christmas lights would work ok for this. Then you have to either have the other end of the strings attached to another board that you could screw into the wall or other end of the ceiling. Don't forget to measure the distance from the center of the ceiling to the edge of the ceiling so you order the right length to get the full distance, or you might have to use mutliple strands to get the full distance.

    I think the biggest thing is before you fall too in love with this look and spend money to do it, check with your venue to see if they would let you do it.

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