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Food and Cakes

food alergies help

so one of fi friends is attending our wedding with her husband i got to finally meet her at my fi small birthday celebration
she has a lot of food alergies she cant have onions or apples and cannot eat anything fried.

our dinner menu which is plated consists of twin stuffed lobster tails
chicken franchise
and prime rib

none of what she can eat, she did tell me she can have plain grilled chicken so i will ask them if they can make it for her

she can have veggies and oven roasted potatoes if they are no loaded with onions

for our cocktail hour we are having

franks in a blanket
stuffed breads
stuffed mushrooms
brushcetta (sp)
scalops wrapped in baccon
and coconut shirmp
or clams cassino

plus a cheese veggie table

Re: food alergies help

  • I have a friend with multiple, severe food allergies (wheat, corn, certain fruits, etc.).  I asked our venue to prepare a piece of plain grilled salmon and plain steamed veggeis for her, with her approval--those were things that were on our buffet, but without any corn oil or sauces.  

    I would just discuss with your venue and have them bring out a special meal for her.  You might want to have her write out exactly what she can eat so you will be prepared to talk to your venue (for example: grilled chicken with only olive oil and salt, roast potatoes with only olive oil and salt, plain lettuce salad with no dressing).  

  • What's the question? 
  • sorry i meant to add is there anything else you can think of that would work for her cocktail hour is not officialy set so i can ask her what she can snack on and i can see if they can add it as one of the options

  • Onions, apples, and fried (ummm not sure how "fried" is an allergy… is it gluten? or the oil?) those are the only allergies?
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    Onions, apples, and fried (ummm not sure how "fried" is an allergy… is it gluten? or the oil?) those are the only allergies?
    I can't speak for the girl in op's post, but I can't really have fried food. It's the grease. It does bad things to my stomach so if I do have it I need to make sure I'm at home. She may have the same kind of issue with it. It's because I had my gall bladder removed.
  • You will have to ask the venue for an ingredient list for each of your appetizer options, and let her decide for herself which of them she can/will eat. There's no way for us to know from the list what may be in those things, and it will likely be very difficult to tailor your entire menu to just her (and I'm sure she's used to that. As an onion hater, I know how hard they are to avoid, but taking them out could change the taste of the whole dish). She'll likely choose to stick with veggies and cheese, which is ok. Then ditto PP that suggested to just request that the venue prepare a specific meal for her to her specifications. Food service places are typically very understanding and accommodating of food allergies.

    As long as she's informed ahead of time she'll be just fine. :)

  • I concur with a PP - have her write out a list of exactly what she cannot eat, make a copy, and give it to your caterer. That's what we will be doing for one of our groomsmen! He is allergic to Gluten, Soy, All Nuts (peanuts AND tree nuts), pears, and I think something else. It can be very difficult to cook dinner for him, so we usually go out and he always finds something! Caterers can be very accommodating!

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