$7 for a piece of cake?!!

We just reached out to our first cake vendor and they came back and quoted us for $6.50 a slice plus we had to buy the flowers to decorate the cake with. This doesn't include delivery fees, tax, etc. This seems unreal especially since we're getting a dessert already at our venue(they dont do wedding cakes though :( ) Does anyone have any recommendations for cake bakeries in the Hartford, CT area that are tasty but a bit more affordable? 

Re: $7 for a piece of cake?!!

  • I think that's super expensive! I have heard that you can have a small cake for cutting, pictures, decorations, but serve your guests sheet cake of the same flavor. The cake is not usually cut to serve in front of your guests so it's a pretty popular option to keep within your budget.
  • try modern pastry in hartford
    or south end bakery in hartford more resonably priced
  • Yikes!  Our cake was done by Coastal Gourmet and it was included in our package but I think the regular price is $4/slice.  I know CG isn't in the Hartford area, I'm just throwing that out there to compare.  Isn't J Cakes closer to you?  I've heard great things about them from other knotties on here.
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  • Mosacatos ( not sure how to spell it) you would have to bring your own flowers or they can do the sugar ones. They are pretty good and pretty affordable.
  • Yes, you should pay between 3 and 5 dollars per person when it comes to cake. Anything more and it's not the norm.
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    Where are you getting cake for $3 a slice??  
    The cheapest bakeries that I have liked have been starting at 5-6 a slice.

    I'm not being snide, I'm genuinely curious where the cheap bakeries are!  I'd love to save a little on the cake.
  • $7 is definitely not unheard of...but there are certainly less expensive options. I do not think $3-$5 is the "norm". Expect to spend at least $5.
  • NiTro:

    We did a tasting at Mystic Market and planned to go with them, but ultimately we had to move our wedding out of state. 
    We're getting a beautiful 4 tier cake from a small town pastry chef in upstate NY.  He is charging 3$ a slice.

    You're right that a cake that cheap is not the norm! 

    Two ways you could save are to get a cake from a grocery store (I know, sounds strange but they can be delicious and if you decorate it yourself and add flowers and such, it can look fantastic.  My bridesmaid did this and no one knew the difference.  She got her wedding cake at Sam's Club).

    Another idea is to call a few local restaurants and ask if one of the chefs does pastries as a hobby.  That's how we found our person and we've seen photos of his work and tasted his cakes.  They're delicious!
  • Oh wow!  I am actually meeting with Mystic Market this weekend (snow gods willing).  They were the only one on our list that we didn't know the pricing for.  We live within walking distance of MM West and it can be very dangerous-- they are delicious!! I just assumed they'd cost an arm and a leg.
    Hopefully it works out!

    Thanks for the good ideas, KC =)
  • Im doing the cake to take pictures of and sheet cake, luckily i know a few people who do cakes for a living here in the Groton area so its going to cost me $20 fora a single tier 2 layer carrot cake with real cream cheese frosting and 60$ for a sheet cake, 1/2 vanilla 1/2 chocolate, at stop and shop. The lady i know that does cakes is pretty awesome but im not sure on her normal prices... this is her facebook page:
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