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I am trying to figure out my invitations and the wording. I am having a small wedding of 90% family. The wedding party accommodations have been made and paid for. But guests need their own acc. There won't be more than 55 people at the wedding, so I'm not blocking rooms at a hotel, and I don't want to limit their choices. The place I am having my wedding is in a state park and they have hotels/cabins as well. What would be the proper way to address/word acc needs?

Re: Accommodations?

  • @ndb703

    Guests will expect to have to provide for their own accommodations UNLESS you have blocked rooms. Since you have not done that, I wouldn't worry about it. 
  • You don't have to do anything.  if you do want to enclosue something about accomodations, you can just give recommendations of some nearby places.

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