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DIY Video - FlipAHit Review!

We looked into both FlipAHit and WedIt.  I couldn't find one review for FlipAHit while WedIt had plenty of reviews, but FlipAHit was $100 cheaper so we went with them.  Also, their insurance policy basically stated that as long as you return the cameras, you'll be fine, and the WedIt policy sounded a little more strict about wear and tear of the cameras.  I just received a link to our highlight reel tonight, a little over 3 months after our wedding.  Here was the good and bad of our experience:

-The reel is adorable, we love it!
-We received 5 Kodak hand-held cameras, a tiny tripod, and instruction cards for the guests, which I thought was a great idea!  It showed how to use the cameras and listed important moments to capture
-It really was cool to have all the behind the scenes footage and see things from the guests' point of view
-It was only $400
-They're pretty quick to respond when you email them
-Camera batteries lasted a long time, and the cameras held tons of footage

-I feel like the company isn't great at communicating unless you reach out to them.  I never received an email or phone call letting me know my cameras had shipped, just a prior email stating that I would get my cameras 5-7 days before the wedding.  Three days before the wedding, I still hadn't received them, so I went on their website to find their phone number, and the number didn't work.  You can imagine the panic attack I had, but I emailed them and they responded right back that the cameras had shipped and would be there the next day.  I think an email letting you know the cameras are on their way with a tracking number is necessary.  Also, I never received an email letting me know they received the cameras after I sent them back.  They specifically say you need to mail them out the business day after the wedding.  I logged into my account a few weeks later to check my invoice and it said that I still owed a retainer fee, so I emailed them and they said yes, they had received my package. I guess they just didn't update the website.
-They said we would have our reel 6-7 weeks after the wedding, but it ended up being 12.  We also only received the highlight reel so far, not the raw footage.

All in all, I was very pleased with the company and would definitely recommend them.  It was a great price for someone who can't budget for a videographer.  People were not just willing to record things, they were excited about it!  Hopefully the company works out the kinks and fixes their phone number.

EDIT: Grammar issues :-)
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