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Is the limo worth it?

Hey Guys!

I'm a total newb-very early stages of planning and there is some stuff I just have no idea how to go about. Let me explain my plans and let me know your thoughts... we are planning on having our ceremony at the same venue as our reception. We are going to book a hotel thats a short drive nearby. Both B & G will either ready at hotel or FH will go with groomsmen to ready at venue. Unsure if the venue/hotel offers shuttle service at this time, but we plan on having our whole bridal party back to the hotel-trying to figure out with all of this in mind if a limo is worth the thousand dollars to take us to the venue before and back afterwards?! if it was a longer drive i would say yes without question but almost doesn't seem worth it?! Thoughts? Alternative ideas?!

Re: Is the limo worth it?

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    I think you need to think about all the alternatives, and then decide. For example...

    Can someone drive you? If so, are you sure they won't be drinking later? Do they have a clean enough and large enough car? Can they make multiple trips? 

    Can you rent a shuttle for everyone, instead of a limo for just the wedding party, couple, VIPs? The bride could get a private ride there, and everyone else could take the shuttle, and then everyone (including bride and groom) can take the shuttle back alter. 
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    I would say not worth it, spend that money elsewhere. I'm not sure how short of a drive you are talking, or if your in a major city... We plan to also book a nice hotel just a short distance from our ceremony/reception location and we will probably be taking the historical city street car. It's very affordable and will make for some extra photo ops. 


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    Check out your local limo companies, I know the company that my husband works for does what is called drop off/pick ups. Basically they charge you for 2-3 hours of service which is a lot less and they pick you up from hotel & take you to venue & if necessary depending on where the guys get ready two trips, one for girls & one for guys. Then it leaves & comes back at the end of the night to take you, your gifts & whoever else back to the hotel. Many times while your wedding/ reception is going on, since you don't need them until later, they might book the limo for another quick job between.

    Or you can rent a car to do the same just for you & groom, even cheaper and just let bridal party carpool or drive themselves over to the venue.

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