Food Truck(s) to cater reception

We are planning our wedding for next spring and are considering hiring a food truck (possibly more than one) as the food for our reception. We are only having 60-80 guests so we do not think that waiting for food will be too much of an issue especially if we go with multiple trucks.

Has anyone been to or held a reception or party where a food truck or two was the dinner/food option? Do you have a recommendation of a good Cleveland area food truck?

Would love to hear your opinions/experiences with this!

Re: Food Truck(s) to cater reception

  • We looked into this option for ours. Most, if not all, trucks will require that there is no more than 2 trucks at your event. Some of them will require that they are the ONLY truck there. Our wedding is in early May so we ultimately decided not to risk it with the weather and booked a restaurant to be safe.

    I would definitely recommend checking out the Hodge Podge truck
  • What is your plan for weather? Seating? I'm not personally a fan of this idea. Do you have a venue yet?

  • We are holding it at a county park lodge, with the ceremony and reception planned to be outdoors, but with indoor space to move everything inside if necessary (based on the weather). We are just looking for something that is not typical dry chicken/mashed potatoes/green beans wedding food. With that said, we are not holding out all hope for food trucks to be our only option and are also looking for caterers as well.
  • I think a food truck showing up as late night food is a great idea...but not as the main caterer. I'd be very annoyed having to wait to get my food at a food truck as opposed to your typical wedding buffet. Also -- have you looked into the pricing? It's going to be insanely expensive and if you're having a super small wedding like that I doubt it'll be worthwhile.

  • Thanks mlg78!
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    My two favorite food trucks are Umami Moto and The Nosh Box. I've heard good things about Dim and Den Sum and Fired Up Taco Truck. If you want to do a late-night dessert, The Donut Lab would be a good option. (I've never actually had their donuts - they always run out every time I see them at an event!)

    If you go to the Walnut Wednesdays Facebook page, you should be able to look at their past events and see which food trucks are their regulars. You really can't go wrong with any of them!
  • Last year there was a Food Truck Roundup in Fairlawn where they gathered a bunch of trucks. The link is to an article about it- it may give you some ideas about who you can check out.


    I've heard good things about The Nosh Box but haven't had it personally. I think a food truck would be an awesome late night snack, even something as simple as the Swenson's truck, but for the main food it may get iffy logistically. Most trucks would likely have trouble getting so much food out at the same time but as as a snack late at night I think it would be a great idea. (When I originally read this as an idea for your rehearsal which is what we looked at trucks for)
  • I've had Motormouth & they are good, and Hodge Podge is good too. It all depends on what style of food you want to serve because they each have their own speciality type of food. My company used Umami Moto for an event once, didn't work out well. I have to admit we have a couple hundred people, but they ran out of food and the wait in line was about 30-40 minutes, luckily they were making everything nonstop so there was no waiting for food to be read. Talk to the different food trucks & go with a limited menu that they can crank out fast and not wait for people to get to their window to order. My experience with any food truck is that because they make the food to order it can take about 5-10 minutes to get a meal depending on what it is. Which normally isn't a big deal but if you're standing around, it gets to be a long wait.

  • Thanks @Erikan73 @ktbird87 @Auglaize14

    That is really helpful, we were just looking around for different ideas, and thought a food truck would be fun. @Erikan73, we are having around 60 guests and have looked at a couple pizza trucks that literally pump the pizzas out (2mins/5pizzas), and they are open to having another truck with different food as well, so we thought with 2 trucks both going quickly that with out group size it would work out.

    We are also planning a more laid back approach to a reception, making the entire thing more of a cocktail hour/reception/lawn games/food truck combo, with traditional first dances/cake cutting taking place at the beginning, so that it is more of a party/celebration than a strict/traditional wedding reception.

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