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2 story wedding venue!

Does anyone have a 2 story wedding venue? We are getting married in a large cabin on the lake but in order to fit everyone with a dance floor on the first floor we have to sit some people upstairs in a loft like area that over looks the bottom floor. My fiancee thinks that we should sit upstairs with our wedding party and parents and sit everyone else downstairs. We are not doing a head table so that will be fine I just don't want to seem secluded from everyone else even though we will not be at our tables the whole night. Its pretty open and you can clearly see upstairs from the floor and vice versa but Who do you think we should set up stairs? The picture is of the inside of the venue. 

Thanks so much! 

Re: 2 story wedding venue!

  • I actually think the wedding party would be more visible if they were downstairs. Sitting upstairs would also feel a little bit too much like "looking over your subjects" to me.  Maybe you could keep your family near you and sit friends upstairs.  I only say that because I know my friends wouldn't read anything into where they were seated, but my family probably would.  Gorgeous venue, by the way!

  • I am... sort of.  I have a 2 story (3 if you count the balcony) barn, as well as a tent.  Dinner will be held in the tent, and then dancing will be on the main level of the barn, people can sit up in the balcony if they just want to watch and not dance, and then the lower level of the barn is our bar. 

    I realize that having multiple locations means that some people probably won't see our first dance (if they are still sitting out at their dinner table or downstairs at the bar) and honestly, that does not bother me.  The people who want to be in the barn for dancing - will be. 

    I agree with @kns1988, people will probably be able to see you better if you are sitting downstairs. 
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  • I agree! I felt like sitting up on the second floor would make them feel like we were "looking over them" and I want to avoid that! Thanks so much for your responses! @kns1988 thank you we fell in love with our venue when we first saw it! We are getting married the day right before you! 
  • We also have two loft areas, and we decided to sit on the main floor.  We will be more visible on the main floor and it was easier for older relatives to be near us.  We chose to seat our younger friends in the lofts, mainly because it would be easier for them to climb the stairs and because it's a cool little hangout.

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