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Purchase kit from Michael's or DIY whole thing?

I am trying to figure out what to do for invitations, I don't want them to look cheap, but it's also not a place I want to be spending a lot of money. Our Wedding is in May so I need to start working on this now. I had planned on making my own but am wondering if that will really save me that much money. I haven't looking into the "invitation kits" because I thought they would be flimsy, but am considering looking into them. 

What route are you guys taking? Any advise?

Thanks! :)

Re: Purchase kit from Michael's or DIY whole thing?

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    i'm making my own.  It's saving me money in comparison to buying invitations, but def not as cheap as the michaels kits.  

    I bought pocket folds and envelopes (mailing and rsvp) from cards and pockets: 60 of each = $68 total

    cardstock (200 sheets of a textured ivory) $40

    template on etsy $38 (includes template for invitation, rsvp, directions, accommodations, reception)

    I already have a huge roll of lace i'm using as a band, and making my own 2x2 monogram to go outside of band (using the ivory card stock, I have plenty) mounted on a colored cardstock that I already had.   i'm printing everything myself (so cost of ink).

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    Check out Vistaprint.  You can order a sample kit for free.  They have beautiful designs, and will save you a lot of work!  I do think their free envelopes are flimsy, and I would replace them with heavier ones from an office supply store.  Sign up on their web site for frequent (almost constant) sale prices.  Never pay full price!
  • Check out a hobby lobby if you have one near by! I got mine on sale for 50% off so I only spent $30 and I got 75 invitations. They look beautiful, not cheap :)
  • I also got mine form Hobby Lobby at 50% off.. I got the little birds and think they are so cute. I then scanned the rsvp card and made my own Save the dates. I will also do the same for thank you's!
    They don't look flimsy at all! 
  • The Michael's kits are nice because you just download the template, adjust your printer setting, fill in wording, change font and print. 
  • I plan to make mine completely DIY. I feel like the way I plan to do it will be cheaper than kits. I probably will have the invitation, then a directions card (people have asked for it), and the RSVP insert. I plan to use some really nice fonts I have on my computer and make the invitations on Photoshop or Gimp (So I can move the words how I want)... then print them out onto paper myself. I just plan to buy some nice cardstock to print it on and perhaps add a bow or vintage looking buttons!

    Hopefully that helps. I considered having them printed but it seemed more expensive. Especially if I am able to just go to cartridge world and get my inked refilled for a fraction of the cost.
  • I used a kit from Michaels, the Bride's brand. They came out beautifully!  They were not at all cheap. I used a 40-50% off coupon. I'd do it again

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    I got a kit from Michael's as well. They are of good quality, and I bought them on black Friday for half off. I haven't made them yet but I ended up buying some fun stamps and embossing supplies so I could really add my own touch. 

    Would love to see pics from those that made theirs from kits!

  • I got mine (kit) from Party City, but same concept at a kit from Michaels. They were easy to use. The templates are easy and they even had templates for the envelopes so I didn't have to write out guest names and thanks to using a nice font, they looked like I paid someone to do them. Also ran my RSVP envelopes through the printer too. Loved how everything looked. One piece of advice type up what you want them to say in a program that has spell check & then copy & paste it into the template, most of the templates I used didn't have spell check (learned the hard way but at least before I stuffed the envelopes)
  • @FiancB - word of advise on adding embellishments (like bows & beading) as that will cause your envelope to be thicker & the post office will increse the required postage for that. Didn't want you to be caught by surprise when you go to get stamps.

  • Could anyone post photos to their DIY kits - how they turned out or how you embellished them?  Thanks!
  • I would also love to see the DIY kit invites! 

    I am debating what to do, it seems so easy to just order online by the time I factor in the cost of supplies (kit, printer ink), and obviously my time.. I'm super busy with work and I don't want to be spending hours trying to figure this stuff out.. plus I'm a klutz when it comes to this kind of thing! I feel like I won't line it up properly and everything will end up crooked and messy looking..
  • I haven't even started thinking about my invitations yet but I do make cards and other paper crafts all the time.  I think it depends on what you want, if you want to do the pocket type invitations, I would recommend purchasing the pre-made pockets in bulk, you can get them for about $0.80 each.  I have always found pockets really difficult to make and time consuming, I cannot imagine doing them for my invites.  I plan on making my own but I will definitely be purchasing pre-made pockets.  They are pretty basic and come in almost every color so you can embellish all you want. You can also make your own invite cards, response cards, reception cards etc. on your own and just put them in the pockets.  Here is a website where they sell the pockets. They sell a bunch of other stuff too but you could totally do the rest of it yourself, you don't need to buy it from here.

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