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Photography freakout

Hi ladies!

I've been MIA lately... Work has been insane, my company was recently acquired by European corporation and I have been all over the place.

Needless to say I am two and a half months out and second-guessing my photography choice.

I booked with somebody who only had one review on here but it was positive. I was attracted to his prices. We had a great series of conversations and I felt good about moving forward with him. I booked him about six months ago. Have a small deposit down. He said he would check in with me on a monthly basis I haven't heard from him.

I was looking online and reading some of his most recent reviews. He actually does a lot of model photography but has a good section on his website about his wedding experience. Some recent reviews scared me. Talking about his lack of professionalism, waiting and waiting for photos. These were from models. Is wedding reviews are great but the most recent reviews are for models. One even had a screenshot of a text message conversation she had with him where he called her fat and was pissed that she hadn't paid her.

This has all gotten me very worried. i'm wondering if I should consider somebody else. You get what you pay for right?

Looking for quick answers... Who did you book with and how much is it costing? We are not having a traditional reception. Looking for somebody to take pictures getting ready, maybe two hours before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and maybe some nighttime photos on the strip. I am looking for artistic and photo journalistic type photos, not posed. What I liked about this guy is that he said he could come back after our dinner was over we could take some nighttime photos. We are just having dinner for my group at a restaurant I didn't think we needed a photographer in there to take pictures.

Sorry for the babbling. What do you think I should do? Is it worth calling him expressing my concerns about the reviews that I've seen? We did have some really good conversations and it sounded like he would be all about our wedding. I'm just having a little freak out here.
Appreciate any advice, thank you!
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Re: Photography freakout

  • We just booked Kristen with KMH Photography and are SO excited!! We had the chance to meet her already and adore her. She was able to customize her services for us based on our budget and what we wanted her there to capture. She is on Facebook and has a website. If you're having doubts about your photog, might be best to go with your gut!!
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  • wow that is horrible! I really would reconsider. We are using Glittler Lens Photography. I booked them about 6 months ago and everytime I have a question they always get back to me within the same day. We are paying 400 for 3 hours for our strip tour. They have a lot of photos or their work on the website, Hopefully if you do decide to stay with him, you have a great experience! Good luck :)
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  • If his first name begins with M and his last name is 5 letters long and ends with Z, he has a reputation for being a no-show (both from vendors and brides). He used to work at Little Church of the West.

  • If it were just some 'models' complaining about delays in getting pics I don't know if that would concern me, but if the text convo was legit and he actually was insulting to a client, that would be a different story.  I could easily see mama's little 12 year old princess doing model pics so she can get her big break at whatever pageant mom is entering her in and when she doesn't have the pics back two days later,  launching into a tirade, so there's probably always two sides to those kinds of stories, but it doesn't justify being unprofessional in response, so definitely worth investigating.

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  • Meridian I just PMed you.

    I just emailed him, hoping I hear back soon. Ayeeeee.
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  • Turns out there are two photographers with the same name in Las Vegas! Got to remember that middle initial!
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