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brideregistries.com prize winner: is this a scam?

I got a call this morning that i was one of 5% at the bridal expo that won a prize. First is a choice of wedding bands tungsteen or some other kind or you can choose a 3 day 2 night vacation anywhere. Next is $1000 in grocery coupons and then 20-40% off their cookwares. the website is brideregistries.com and for the jewelery JVLjewelry.com I've read other forums saying its a scam with some others saying its real. I'm supposed to go to their presentation later in the week to hear about their cookwares and recieve my prizes. Has anyone else gone through this?

Re: brideregistries.com prize winner: is this a scam?

  • SCAM -- Ignore it and ask them remove you from their call / email list if they contact you again
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    Tiffany101015 is this the one you went to? 

    Personally I wouldn't do it bc I would be afraid they'd talk me into buying whatever they are selling.
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  • I just received this too! I looked into it and it seems like you have to go listen to a presentation where they'll try selling you things, but that you get the prizes after.
  • I personally think anything you 'win' but must do something time-consuming to claim your prize, is not really worth it. If you really won, and they weren't trying to sucker you into something, you would just be able to claim the prize.
  • We did end up going. We sat through an hour and a half cooking show with 10 other couples. The guy basically showed us all of his cookware and cooked for us to show us how well it works. Then, he tried selling it to everyone by giving 40% off and by throwing in a free 7-day cruise.

    It was an hour and a half wasted listening to his presentation, but we still did get the prizes. Also, the presentation was at least a little entertaining. The guy made it interactive and made a lot of jokes so it wasn't too horrible.
  • We did the same and got free wedding bands. To me - it was worth 2 hours to get $800. The guy was rather pissed that we didn't buy anything and was rude in the end - but jokes on him, I don't need $2,500 pots and pans. :-) 
  • I got the same call.  I knew it was going to be a sales pitch right away.  They really shouldn't be able to say you are "a winner."  But I figured it out and went anyway to get the free gift and check it out with a friend.

    On the phone they said I could take a friend because my Fiancé lives out of state and then when I showed up with a friend the guy was upset about it (claimed he was mad at his office for letting us do that at all). He was rude to everyone, especially us, but he let us stay.  He claims he is not on commission and that the company doesn't market so that is why you get 'free gifts' to attend.    

    Overall, it was just frustrating.  It took over 2 hours, not 1.5 like they claim.  The cookware seems good quality but in no way was it worth what they are selling it for. The sales guy was annoyed with people who didn't purchase although he claims to not be on commission.  In fact, he was borderline chauvinistic talking about how women should come home and cook properly for your family and buy nice cookware instead of collecting purses.  They showed letters from people saying they were endorsed by companies/hospitals that they are clearly not endorsed by (simply have an employee who may have purchased something in the past).  He was very rude to us (and people who didn't buy).  It was obvious we wanted to/needed to leave but if we stood up he would bark at us to sit down, stop 'crowding' him and 'don't line up.'  No respect for people's time whatsoever. And overall just not a nice guy.

    It was not a big deal overall but I only recommend going if you are interested in seeing the cookware demo, a scripted sales pitch and getting a hotel or jewelry certificate.  Not sure if those are quality though so check out the website before you go! www.brideregistries.com 

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