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Hello, I am looking for a place that does weddings and venues in or around DC that does not require you to eat thier food. It has become frustrating to see so many venues that have all of these stipulations. I even seen one at the Monaco Hotel that requires you to pay for a minimum of 120 guests so if you only have 50 people come to the wedding you are still paying for 120. Also, the catering ideas are so fancy....I want a simple chicken, steak and fish dinner. It just seems so expensive to wed in DC...what happened to a simple $10,000 wedding?


  • PG County Parks has several historic properties that can be rented for weddings, and I'm pretty sure they allow for outside catering to a certain extent.You can also look into community, church, and fire halls. Milton Ridge in Clarksburg may be a good place to look. Or go a bit off the beaten path with a summer camp, performance venue (historic theater), smaller museums, etc. Unfortunately, getting married in this area, like everything else here, is going to be expensive.

    You can reduce the impact of vendor minimums by looking at Sunday and weekday wedding options. We had a Sunday wedding on a non-major holiday weeked (the Sunday of Columbus Day) in order to avoid minimums because we had a 35 person guest list.  

  • I used Josephine Butler House in DC. It is a historic mansion on 15th Street now owned by a non-profit. I also used an approved caterer who offered a reasonable package. Your budget is not unreasonable; you just have to do your homework!!!

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