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Showers and bacholorette party

Hello fellow Sept bride!!! when are you all planning on having your bridal shower and bacholorette parties??? I have no idea what is too early and I don't want them to close to the big day. Any advice??

Re: Showers and bacholorette party

  • My sister and mom are planning one shower for July 13 (exactly 2 months before the wedding) and bachelorette party is August 23. I believe FMIL is planning another shower but I don't know yet when that will be. 

    Most showers I've been to have been 2-3 months out. I wanted the bachelorette party a few weeks early before things got hectic with final fittings and counts and phone calls and stress!

  • I believe that my stepmom and stepsister are planning to host a shower for me the weekend of July 19th. And my MOH has mentioned doing the bachelorette in early August but we haven't set anything in stone. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • My shower is booked, I just don't know when.  They want to keep it a surprise, but at the rate things keep being brought up about it by my BM, I don't know how that will last.  I have a feeling it might be in August, which I'm not too thrilled about, I wish it was going to be in July.  Give me more time to do thank yous & such when I'm not crazed with responses, seating charts, etc.

    As for my bachelorette, I don't know what is going on with that.  I've had a lot of dilemma with that.  Do I give ideas?  Is it planned strictly by my girls?  I'd like a beach weekend away, but that is unlikely because all my girls have children, I don't think they'll be able to get away.  So I'd just like to take advantage of the summer & go to the beach for the day & then have a nice dinner if I can't get away to the beach for the weekend.  I'm in close proximity to LI beaches & Jersey shore.  Do I bring it up to my girls?  Then let them plan?
  • I think every shower/bachelorette party I've been to have been about a month or two out. One was 4 months out but, the bride to be was also in school and we happened to do her bachelorette party over spring break, so it was easier for her. I really don't think there's anything wrong or right but, I'd find it kind of odd if the the party was planned 6 + months early.

    My MOH mentioned July or August but, I actually don't have a clue yet. If they throw me them, I wouldn't expect they'd start planning until April or May at the earliest. I would love to do something the same weekend as my FI is doing because I think it'd be fun to meet up at the end of the night but, since his GM and one of my BM are married with kiddos, it'd probably be hard to find a sitter for that weekend (his is planned the weekend before our wedding) and the weekend after for our wedding.

    @HH2Be, I think you'd be fine with recommending things you'd like to do or wouldn't like to do. I.e. saying "I'd love to do a weekend away if that's reasonable for everyone and their budget" but, for the most part since they're throwing it in your honor it's best not to help plan too much of the details.

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  • My wedding is September 13. I am having two showers. One July 27 and the second August 10. My bachelorette party is the last weekend of August.
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    I'm not having a shower, but I think my bachelorette will be the end of April. There are two reasons though. 1: My last semester of grad school is this summer and I don't want to do anything wedding related in summer, plus May is too busy; 2: I have two out of town guests and a pregnant friend for whom travel in August is unlikely. That all leaves April!

  • One of my BM's has been messaging my MOH kind of incessantly asking about bachelorette party planning... MOH was like "uh, no. Come talk to me in April," lol. :)

  • Some time this summer June-August TBD. Doing shower and bachelorette same weekend, most everyone will have to travel quite a distance.
  • I'm not sure if i'm having a shower or bach party... we are getting married out of state & only inviting about 60 - 75 people (not expecting alot of them to actually come) We might register for a few things from walmart but there isn't anything we really need.  As for a bachelorette party, the things I would kind of like to do I don't think anyone iin my bridal party wouuld go along with. For a bachelorette party I want to be able to go wild and let loose but my maids are all pretty tame.  
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