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Cold Stone Catering

Has anyone here had this at their reception? If so, how did it go? How many flavors and mix-ins were you able to provide and how many people did you have?

And/or did you go with one of their cakes? If so, how was that?

Orrrrrrrrrr, if you've been to a wedding reception that had catering by Cold Stone, what did you think from your guest perspective?

Thanks, knotties!

Re: Cold Stone Catering

  • Okay I see you cross-posted, here's what I said on the other board:   My brother worked at Cold Stone while in high school and he went to a few weddings to help cater.  From what I remember (this was about 8 years ago) the customer selected a package (the basic was I believe 3 ice cream flavors and 5 mix-ins, and they went up from there, price was per person). 

    If I was a guest at a wedding and saw a Cold Stone buffet I'd be thrilled!  There's nothing like an ice cream sundae bar :)


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