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When should I be registering?

My Fiance and I are having a small disagreement... I think we should be registering for our wedding within the next month or so.. he thinks we should wait until April or May! Our wedding is is September but I just like having things ticked off my list... and you never know, someone might want to shop early?

Any ideas Ladies?

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Re: When should I be registering?

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I actually say wait till April/May just cause you'll have slightly less product turnover.

  • We got married in September and registered in January. We registered at Target, BBB and Kohls. Target was the only place I had to deal with product turnover. As long as you're aware of that then go for it. In hindsight, I probably would have registered at BBB & Kohls in January when I did and then Target in May as my shower invites went out in June. My mom chose things off my registry for my birthday last year and we got many things that remained after the wedding for Christmas from both of our families so I say the sooner, the better. Also, engagement parties? That would also be a time where someone might buy an item? Not typically, but sometimes...

  • I registered in January for my March wedding. I'm a slacker like that
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  • you can register whenever really, but no one will buy gifts until closer to your shower, so maybe start  looking at stuff so by the time you are ready to register it will not be so overwhelming.  Plus, the earlier you register things may get discontinued so just be prepared for that.  I started looking and making a list in November but did not actually register until late February for my June wedding. It made the process easy and fun going in already knowing what I wanted and not having a sales person walk me around trying to get to me buy different things I knew I did not want.  Not to mention my husband liked me not dragging him all over the store but rather here and there we looked at options while out shopping so doing the actual registry was painless for him as well.  Once we made the registry in store,  I then added/deleted things online from the time I registered all the way to about a month before the wedding.  

  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    As long as it is done before invitations (and shower invitations) go out, it's fine.  There's no need to do it now.  
  • We're getting married in Nov. and we registered last Oct. at our parent's request for Christmas presents. We only registered at BBB and Crate & Barrel though, and I go online about once a month and edit C&B because they always change products. We are also registering at Target but we are waiting till right before our first shower for that one because of such high product turnover. 
  • When should I register? My wedding date is 6/28/14
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  • If you are registering at Macy's, they don't have as much product turnover.  I would get that out of the way as soon as you would like.  It takes time to review products and make an informed decision about place settings, silverware, glasses, pots and pans.  These are items you will have for a long time, to research products is just ensuring you will like your gifts for many years to come.
  • We're getting married in September and started now, with some basic things like towels. I know there's the possibility of people seeking out gifts once they get a Save the Date if they're either neurotic planners like me or just know they can't make it (before anyone asks, no, it doesn't include registry information). I don't expect lots of people to find it or buy from it, and I do expect to have to update it numerous times to account for stock. We will go in a few weeks and look at more stuff in person, like silverware and whatnot.

  • I'm getting married in May and just did mine last month.  There really isn't much we need, but i've over time jotted down ideas of things we could use so that i was prepared when i decided to register.  
  • We registered at BBB in January and Target in April. Our wedding was in June. Registering was exhausting and very overwhelming.
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