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Need creative wording help!

FHd I found the pofect wedding invitations online.

There's just one problem.

Above the Bride and Groom name fields are the words "Daughter of Mom & Dad Name" "Son of Mom & Dad Name"

FH's mother is deceased and his father has remarried to a woman that FH in no way considers to be his stepmother (they married when he was 30 and he was neither invited to their wedding or aware they were getting married until he saw a Facebook post where his little cousin checked posted that she was "on the way to Uncle Carl's wedding.")

He does not want to put his dad's wife's name on the invitation as he is not her son. He thinks that if he only puts his father's name, or puts his father and his mother's names, his father will be pissed that his wife's name is not on there.

Unfortunately, the invitations look really bad with those spaces left blank. We're looking for something clever to put there.

FH is in the Air Force, so we could put his rank in the space above his name, but that doesn't help with my name.

FH suggested "Mom of Baxter" and "Dad of Kreider" (our dogs' names) but that seems really weird.

Does anybody have any cute suggestions for something we could put in this space?

Re: Need creative wording help!

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    Are you and your FI paying for the wedding?  You are not obligated to put any parents names on the invitation.

    You could simply write....
    Jenna Marie Smith 
    Mr. John Hathaway 
    request the honour of your presence .......


    The pleasure of your company is requested 
    at the marriage of 
    Jenna Marie Smith 
    Mr. John Hathaway 

    There are lots of creative headings you can include, but remember that invitations are the first hint at the formality or casualness of your wedding, so you will want to convey the proper message......

    Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love, we 
    Bride's Name 
    Groom's Name

    There are several websites that can offer a variety of non traditional ways to write invitations, such as this one....

    Just google "invitation word samples" and you will find many variations.  
  • I understand that we don't have to have the parents names on the invitation.

    The problem is, we have to have some kind of text to fill that empty space.

    I was thinking about something like "The happy bride" and "the lucky groom" but maybe with better adjectives.

  • Could you give us the current full text of the invitation? It may be easier to suggest something.
  • I disagree. You don't need anything above the names...

  • I agree with mlg78 nothing above it will still look great
  • Together with their families
    Amanda Jackson & Matthew Park
    invite you to join them
    as they are united in marriage

    Note to other brides:  the "&" ampersand is only allowable here because it is a part of the artistic design.  Normally it is not used on a wedding invitation.
    Do not list your parents by name.
  • I agree that you do not need the "daughter of" or "son of" on that particular invitation.  Although, IMO that invitation seems a little weird with all the measurements. 
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    I like the invitation, it's very unique! You could each come up with an adjective of sorts for one another. This is kind of silly, but my FI and I have an inside joke and I call him "devilishly handsome" so we could maybe have "a devilishly handsome young man" above the fiancé's name. Maybe come up with something similar for the two of you? It kind of fits with the non-traditional format of the invitation.

    That being said, if you can move the the line of text "invite you to join them, Amanda &…" up a bit, the invitation would be balanced and you wouldn't need anything written above the names.
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    You don't need to list yourselves as "daughter of" or "son of" at all.

    You also don't need to add text.

    The one caveat I would add is that overdoing the "creativity" of your invitation wording may confuse guests about what they're actually being invited to.  The traditional wording makes clear that guests are being invited mainly to the ceremony, followed by the reception, or the reception only.  If you bury that with too much "inside jokes" and other "romantic" or "creative" wording, guests may not realize that they're invited to the actual ceremony.  Miss Manners writes about that in her Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.
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