Hey everyone!

We are finally deciding to tie the knot New Years Eve!!!!!!!!!!


What vendors should I be picking first, our parents have told us they will match whatever we can put down.  So, my question is: How much should we be saving to have a decently priced wedding?  How much do certain venue's cost?  (I do not need to have a ridiculous wedding budget, something nice would be ideal though). I am so lost on this subject any help you can throw my way would be GREAT!


Thank you



  • Congratulations!

    How did he propose?  
    In regards to your questions, my first advice would be to hire a photographer and videographer.  Your wedding will fly by, and all you will have left is pictures and video.  Where are you located?  How many guests do you plan on inviting?  If you're having a small intimate ceremony and reception, then I wouldn't pay a lot of money on a gigantic venue, and vice versa.  I would sit down with FI and talk about what you two are thinking, and get with parents as well.  My best advice is just to save as much as you can, and if you don't use all of it that is just extra money.  Plan accordingly and it wouldn't be a bad idea to possibly go to some bridal shows here and there.  Talk to as many vendors as possible and make sure they have a similar personality as you, since they will be with you most of your wedding day.  

    The knot is a great resource, and I am sure more ladies will be able to offer advice.  Good luck


  • TML13TML13 member

    I realize I am quite late on this but congratulations!!! So how is the planning going?

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