Engagement Photo Suggestions - Metro Detroit

Hi Ladies,

I am going to take my engagement photos towards the end of Feb.  I would like any suggestions for indoor and outdoor places in the city or not too far outside the city.  Please help!!

Re: Engagement Photo Suggestions - Metro Detroit

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    You could go to Belle Isle, or out in front of the Fox, the brick paved section of Woodward, the DIA...
    My Fiancee and I are taking ours in and around Comerica Park because we are big Tigers fans...we are also getting some at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull (where Tiger Stadium used to sit). I'm also thinking about in front of the old Train Depot. Have you google searched for Detroit Engagement photos? I got a lot of ideas from there
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    We're probably doing just Belle Isle, but in the spring once the fountain is going and the river doesn't look so grey in the background. I personally despise ruin porn (no offense intended to those who like it; I know it's popular), and many of my friends have already (over)done a lot of the popular city locations, so we're pretty limited. Have you looked into some of the old theaters? They're gorgeous inside. I bet even the tops of some parking garages could lend some really awesome backdrops of the city.

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