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The tide is turning

I am sure I will have much more drama with this wedding, but I am just so happy with all the positive in my life, lately, that I have no room in my life for the negative.  I asked my grandfather if he would walk me down the aisle, and he said "OF COURSE!"  He wanted to know why my father didn't want to come to the wedding, but I decided to take the high road and told him that we weren't seeing eye to eye, and I just couldn't plan my wedding around our turbulent relationship.  He asked me if I would ever reconsider and have my father walk me down the aisle if we got along.  I said, "No, I asked you and that is final, I would never take that away from you."  He thanked me and asked me how much the gig paid (Lol... he is such a prankster!). I am overjoyed that the person walking me down the aisle loves me and respects me. I am, now, looking forward to my wedding. I know it won't be perfect, but the love and support of the people who really love me.. that is all I need, and all I could ever hope for, on my wedding day.

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