Vendor Reviews from 6-20-09

Better Late than Never.. Chair Covers- Urquid Linens: A+ Strange name, I know! No one recommended them, they were rate by the BBB online and I went with it. With shipping and handling, WRINKLE-FREE chair covers with bows came to $3 per chair. There were about 10 of us putting them on and it took about 45 minutes. Very easy to work with! Photographer- Emily Johnson- A+ and associate photographer- Justin Brammer- A+ both were awesome to work! Emily is amazing! They both captured amazing photos!! Loved working with them both!! Martin Sertich (also known as DJ Martini) Celebration Sounds- A+ So, we know Martin, so you may think that it is biased, but all of our guests commented that they have never been to a wedding where so many people were on the dance floor! He did an amazing job! Great mix of music! Travel Agent- Island Getaways- Nancy Finn A+, we didn't care so much about the location, we told her what we were looking for, ambiance, activities, etc. and she directed us to Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica!! Absolutely amazing!! She hit the nail on the head! It was exactly what we were looking for and she was great to work with! Seven Seas- Anne Zube- A, I loved working with Anne because her answer was always whatever you need, we will have it for you! That is what every bride wants to hear. I would say that the family had some mixed reviews on her service, but I was happy and that's what counts here! Flowers- Petals Floral Design- Carrie Kroenig A, She saved me sooooo much money on my peonies! We decided to pick up bunches of peonies on Thursday night so we could put them in the bowls ourselves! It was 11 PM on Thursday night, the hubby picked up the flowers, I look downstairs to see them and they were the wrong color! It was a little late and didn't think that it was appropriate to call. So, I emailed her and explained how upset I was. She fixed it! I was already accepting that the fuchsia would be pink and she fixed it! I was amazed! She called first thing on Friday morning and I got the right color! If that didn't stress us out so much (husband was massaging the buds to open in time for the wedding!) I would give her an A+, but just an A for the little added stress! I must say, I was absolutely impressed with the customer service! Officiant- Bishop Craig- A+! We loved Bishop Craig! He definitely did everything we wanted him to do for the service! He made it entertaining and light-hearted, had us all laughing! I loved working with him! He is just so personable and all of our family and friends enjoyed spending time with him! Alterations- Becky A++! I did have many alteration appointments because I my dress was over two sizes too big! She was great because she wanted it to be perfect! She kept saying that there is only one chance to get it all right! I loved that no matter what, she would adjust or fix it! I never got the impression that she was irritated with any "little changes." She was very genuine and wanted it to be perfect! She also made my veil and it was stunning! $75 for the veil.. would have been over $300 in a store and $125 for the alterations! I was so happy with everything when I left! She even said that she was willing to negotiate if I didn't agree with her pricing! I felt like I was getting away with something!! (So, I didn't negotiate!) Thank you ladies for all of the suggestions! I hope that my reviews help you all! I have to say that everyone above helped make our day amazing! The only glitch was the flowers, but it was rectified! I can say that my day was absolutely perfect and I trusted everyone would help make it that way! They did!!

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