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Pocket Invites - worth the extra postage?

Hi everyone, I'm planning on printing my invites at home using a kit from Joann Fabric. I'm really torn on the pocket invites. I love the look of them, but I'm not sure if its worth the extra postage. The one I looked at is at least a standard size to mail, and won't cost much more than a standard invite when I use my coupons. Just wanted some opinions because let's be honest, my fiancé isn't too concerned about invites!

Re: Pocket Invites - worth the extra postage?

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    Ehhh, it's a personal decision.  We stuck to a classic invitation.....weren't interested in pocket invites.  So not worth it to us.  But I'm sure there were plenty of things we spent money on that others would find wasn't worth it!
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    I toss everything I don't need immediately after opening an invite. SO I would say they're not worth it, but I'm not a stationary guru. I only remember one wedding invite I've received that wasn't from a sibling…and it had to have cost $15 per invite. It was like a book printed on satin - it was insane and gorgeous. Otherwise I couldn't tell which ones had pockets or not.

    GL! :)
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  • The over sized stamps are 66 cents, versus 49 cents for normal ones.  Let's say you are sending 100 invites, in which case it would only be $17 extra dollars.  IMHO that is too insignificant to stop you from doing pockets if pockets is what you want!  Don't sweat small stuff :-)

    Good luck!
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    We did pockets because I loved them.  They were 66 cents (or whatever 2 oz costs) each to mail.  Based on the other invitations we looked at, if you had any inserts you were probably not going to be able to do a regular stamp anyway.

    The difference in cost is really in the supplies.  If you are making them yourself, you're buying the same card stock that you would for a regular invitation plus the pockets themselves.  I think I paid around a dollar each for the pockets.  
  • I've never received an invitation that they weren't used and never thought anything about it, but I personally like them and am using them for mine.   completely a personal decision.  i'm only going to be sending out about 55 invitations, so it's not a huge cost difference for postage.

  • Thanks everyone! :)
  • I vote yes on worth the extra postage. I am doing pocket invite and LOVE them! If you DIY you can u se the saved money on the extra postage.
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