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ring question

When you walk down the aisle what do you wear? Nothing , the engagment ring? My band is a inset one where the engagment fits in it? So im not sure what to do? Or what others do?

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  • zero clue, we never did the whole 'getting engaged' sha-bang or ring, so I'll have nothing! I have a friend that walked in with here engagement ring, and one without it.. It's whatever you want to do really!
  • Im just going to wear mine. FI will place the wedder in front of the engagement ring and I will switch them around after the ceremony. I feel naked without my e ring.

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  • I am going to wear my Engagement ring and we will fix it after.
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  • My sister wore her engagement ring on her right hand and then put the wedding band onto her left hand. It looks nice sliding onto a bare hand. Totally up to you ladies though! I think I might do the same as my sis, and then add the engagement ring to the left hand after (sneakily).
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  • That is a good idea!!
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  • The problem with mine is that if I was just to put the band on itself theres a space in the middle n it doesnt fit snug with the out the engagment ring in place:/, ahhhhhh what to do what to do? Maybe im just having wedding jitters its coming so quick 15 days away.......
  • I plan on wearing mine. I take it as it "sealing" the engagement....with the wedding band that is. I don't know if that is proper "etiquette" or not.
  • I put my engagement ring on my right hand ready for the wedding ring to be placed on the left hand. 

    The officiant at COF asked for both my engagement and wedding ring and incorporated both into the service so husband put two rings on my wedding finger and we put one one his.

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