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So I was previously married and my divorce has been final for 3 years now but my ex husband was the one who took care of all the paperwork. I just signed it and that was it. He didnt include my maiden name being changed back with the divorce so in order for me to have my maiden name changed I would need to pay 500.00 I thought why pay to change it back when I'm taking my FI' last name in just a couple months anyways. so here is my question, during the ceremony will the officiant mention my last name at all? Cause I would HATE for my ex's last name be mentioned in the ceremony, so if that's the case I will pay to have my maiden name even if it's only with me for a short time.
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  • Our officiant is not mentioning my last name.
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  • The weddings ive seen havent mentioned last names.

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  • I don't believe I've ever heard a last name (of the bride) spoken. Of course, after you are married, they might announce and now, Mr. & Mrs. But if it is a concern, I would bring it up with your minister/officiant. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to take it out either way.
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    I don't think that my last name was used in the ceremony but the marriage certificate has my maiden name on it.

    So I guess it just depends on if you want your ex-husbands surname on the marriage certificate?

  • I've decided to pay the fee to get my name changed back. I found a paralegal that will do it for for 200 :)
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