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DIY Ceremony Flowers? On a tight budget!

Hi all,

My Fiance and I are paying for our wedding with a little help from our friends and family. Needless to say, we're looking to do the flowers ourselves. My mom buys flowers wholesale all the time and for the whole ceremony it would costs us about $200 or less. That includes bouquets, boutonnieres, petals, aisle flowers and the chuppah arrangements. However, that means a lot of preparation and management for my mom, myself and a few others in the bridal party. We're willing to pay someone else to do it but at a very low-cost. We're on a tight budget. Any ideas/suggestions?

Re: DIY Ceremony Flowers? On a tight budget!

  • When my sister got married, we decided to have a florist make the bouquets and arrangements for the arch and we would make the centerpieces (a lot easier than I thought, just took about 4-5 hours from us 2 days before the wedding with 4 girls, which wasn't helpful). We found the florist at Field of Flowers in Davie who made them and allowed us to make the centerpieces there in the store (they have a huge area) and agreed to keep the centerpieces in their cooler and transport everything to the site. IDK how much, but you can always ask.


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