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Bridal BEauty Woes...HELP

How are you guys sticking to your workout and facial regimen....I have yet to start but say I will the next day everynight...Help Me get focused

Re: Bridal BEauty Woes...HELP

  • I feel you. I just got the flu and it has thrown me off from working out. On the plus side, I haven't been eating as much because my throat is so sore..... I need to get better so I can get back on track! Augh! I have like 7 months. How about you?
  • I HAVE 4 MONTHS....<<<<<....It just dawned on me....I started saturday since it was the first and im going to try and keep it up until the 21st by then I say it should be an habbit. I started doing my mask no sodas trying to cutt off chips all together...What are yours

    MOn- Rest day

    Tues- I'll work out after work

    Wes- At home dance Workout

    Thurs-Rest day

    Friday- Work out today or saturday

    Saturday-Work our today or friday

    Sunday-Rest day

  • Monday - Thursday I pack gym clothes with me to work, and change before I leave and go to the gym for about an hour everyday.

    Friday - Sunday is always a toss up for me. I get in when I can.

    Face wise, It helps to eat clean. I just a face mask every other day, some people need more or less. Drink lots of water. :)
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