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Flight + Hotel Packages from Canada

Hey Brides! 
I'm wondering what everyone paid for their packages from Canada. It seems like the prices with WestJet are going up.. even though I am still 9 months away from our wedding date I am scared with the falling loonie these prices will continue to rise?. Any advice?! 

Re: Flight + Hotel Packages from Canada

  • We are from winnipeg and decided not to do a pkg and book seperate.....we are flying out of grand forks north Dakota and staying at orleans hotel where our reception is because we got a room block for our guests, we got a really sweet deal on a big suite n still came out cheaper then a pkg!
  • Thats so awesome that you can cross the border for a cheaper deal... Flights are so much cheaper from the west coast! We are from Nova Scotia.. I have been looking at both options but a package deal is best for us I think! We plan on staying 10 days at Caesars for $3700.. Expensive I know, but we're only gonna do this once! ;)
  • We booked our flights with Airmiles and booked directly with Caesars for our accommodations. We booked really early. We probably could have gotten it cheaper but because we had very specific times when we wanted to fly, we didn't want to risk not getting those flights.
  • Same with us @J9lawrence! I'd rather pay a bit extra and have a choice of our flight than to be stuck with something last minute! It feels good to have it booked.. something I don't have to worry about! 
  • We booked 6 months out and gotreally good flights!
  • We booked a year out and things have slowly gone up since. We are booked with west jet because you can get a 10% off code for flights, but you can get a group package put together.

    We actually bought our package through travelocity because they were having a suite sale, and if you bundled with your flight you got an extra 10% off. 
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  • We got a group quote with WestJet and they wanted almost $1000 more per person! We decided to have everyone book their own vacation. We booked a package directly on WestJet's website. 
  • We're flying out from YYZ Toronto. We ended up purchasing our flights alone through westjet at the end of December for $520 per person. I've been looking and researching and comparing prices since September but it seemed like the Room block rates from Aria and Vdara were a lot cheaper than vacation packages through expedia/travelocity/hotwire etc. 
    Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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  • Really? 

    Ok let me re explain mine. We did a group discount rate through west jet, just flights. We got a block of rooms at Aria, they gave us the best discount. If people booked when we gave out the codes for 6 nights and flights it would be $810 per person. Now it is up too $1140 because west jet flights fluctuate. :( 
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  • That still isn't a bad price! That's another reason we booked the way we did. Our guests weren't ready to book. Most of them think the price will go down closer to the date, even after telling them that it probably won't! We are flying from Sydney, NS so flights are fairly expensive. 
  • Yeah both gave us the discounts until 30 days before the wedding. So people can book up till then. A lot of people were like no will go down more before the wedding... I told them not likely, then in dec they announced a UFC fight on our wedding night... its been going up ever since.
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