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Ceremony structure for very small/ informal wedding?

We are getting married on a yacht with about 20 family and friends.. We plan to see each other before the ceremony, greet our guests and mingle before hand... We are being very relaxed and informal about the whol thing, but I'm wondering how to transition from the pre- ceremony mingling to the actual ceremony. It's a small yacht, so no seating area. We will all be outside on the deck and we don't plan to have a walk down the aisle or anything. I just don't know how to transition from that to the ceremony- announce it? Play a certain song? Ask everyone to gather around? Has anyone else had a small informal ceremony with ideas?

Re: Ceremony structure for very small/ informal wedding?

  • I would just announce / ask everyone to gather. The officiant can just get their attention with a short little intro so people understand the ceremony is beginning.
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    Wait? There is no place for guests to sit?

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  • No place to sit at all? How long are you guys going to be on a boat with no seating? Does it have a bathroom? If it does I would be spending most of my time in there b/c that would seem like the only place to sit :) just kidding.

    Ok well back to your original question, I would just have your officiant made an announcement of some kind.  Good luck.
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    You could have someone announce.  You could play music to start it.  Does the boat have a horn or something that could signal time to start?  Or ring a bell?

    Or you could do something more fun, like get everyone (or several people) to set alarms on their phone for a certain time to start (this wouldn't work with a lot of guests, but since its just close family and friends, I'm sure they would oblige), then you can all have a good laugh when everyone's phone starts ringing at the same time. You can even set the wedding march or something as your alarm tone and have even more fun with it.


  • Ask your officiant. He/She should know. And another vote for chairs
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  • I would like to know there is seating at a wedding ceremony...although I kind of understand why you were planning to forgo it.  I really like the sounding of a horn or ringing of a bell though. 
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    I think you'd better rethink the no seating provision-especially on a boat.  That's very uncool. 

    A seat for every butt is a basic requirement. 

    Aside from that, I'd announce it first by word of mouth and then play some music.
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    People, it's a yacht,  You can't just add chairs, it's doesn't work that way.

    OP - on the sailboat I worked when it was time for the ceremony the crew would walk around and direct everyone to the bow (that's where we had the ceremony, your boat might be different).   The couple just walked up with the other guests and stood near the officiant.    No walking down an aisle or anything.  They said the vows (generally lasted 5-10 minutes.    While the ceremony was going on the crew made up glasses of champagne.  After the vows we handed out the glasses and they did a toast.  

    ** Seats on my boat were a combo of bench seats an sitting on the cabin top or along the rails.  Where the ceremony was you either sat on the cabin top or along the rails (bench seats were in the aft or back of the boat).  Most people just stood for the short period of time.   

     ETA - after the ceremony the captain always blew a conch shell.   

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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