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Residence Inn West Orange rates?

Hey ladies! Have any of you used the Residence Inn in West Orange? Curious on their rates as we're looking into a wedding at the manor. Thanks!

Re: Residence Inn West Orange rates?

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    I'm getting married at the atrium and we are using the Hampton inn in parsipany . The. Shuttle is included along with breakfast and the bar stays open until 2am... Only $112 a night which is a greatttt deal!
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    Our reception was at the Manor, and we ultimately did not need a hotel block (very few out of town guests - and those that did travel stayed with other relatives.)

    When I called to ask about information however, I remember it being around $160, and that it wasn't much of a deal to do a hotel block.

    However - the  hotel for "wedding blocks" was already booked for our weekend (October 2013). Even if we had wanted a block of hotel rooms there for our guests, they would not have been able to provide it. I guess the other brides at the Manor that were also getting married that weekend booked before we did. (I called at about a year out.)

    Hope that helps - if you are thinking of a certain date at the Manor, it wouldn't hurt to call the hotel now and ask about availability and price for that date.
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