has anyone ever bought a dress off '' ??

I've found the dress in a store, it's a casablanca 2064, but i also seen the same dress online at '' i wanted to know if this is a legitimate sight. have any other brides bought anything from this site??

Re: has anyone ever bought a dress off '' ??

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    it is a china knockoff website the image you have seen on is stolen from the Casablanca website. you will order that dress for between 100-250 dollars they will take the photo of that dress that is stolen and try to replicate the dress without having the actual pattern. the dress you will receive will look nothing like it. the dress on left is the real dress and the dress on right is the Chinese knockoff. the dress will come in a bubble mailer the size of a text book,  it will have poor fabrics such as liner fabric that is very flammable and has plastic beading that is glued on. the dress will be 2 sizes to small or big and to have it altered it will cost you more money.  if you look at the dress on the left the real dress you  will see the nice beading now look at the dress on the right  see how the beading has a black tint to it nothing like the real thing.

    if you are looking to find your cassablanca dress at a discount check out real people selling there used or never worn gowns.
    pearls place they have a  us store but they also sell online and at a discount and are ligit
    check aka tls i found the gown you can also purchase from them sample gowns
    rk bridal in nyc they have a ligit store but they also sell online and have prices listed for each gown

     have you checked out brides-to-be in glastonbury they sell only sample gowns they get from designers only about 30% of the stock is true consigment and the rest is new unworn samples they might have your gown

  • thank you so much!!!!! i haven't checked out those options but i'll definitely look into them! i can afford the dress at the store, but it'd be really dipping deep, i'd like to at least try and find it cheaper first.
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    there are ligit ways to get the dream of your dress for less. there is also another consigment in called love me two times in norwich that sells sample gowns.  another thing is  most salons have discontinued dresses that the designer is no longer producing and you can usually get them at a really good discount.

    bridal bells in berlin has a section of discontinued dresses and dresses you can have ordered in your size

    she carrys jasmine, venus, morilee, and some bonny  all very affordable lines
    she has regular and plus sizes he prices start around 500 and up. i got my dress from her
  • I got my wedding dress at the Stork Exchange COnsignment shop in Westbrook. They have consignment dresses. The owner also goes to bridal salons on New York and Florida and buys discontinued sample dresses that she then sells at a discount. They had quite a few dresses in varying styles and sizes. Prices ranged from $50 to $500. I got mine for $50 and it is still has all the tags on it as well as the extra buttons and beading. 
  • I am not passing judgement on you at all (truly, I swear), but if you found "the" dress in a shop, I'd suggest purchasing from that shop.  Believe me, I know what it's like to be planning your wedding and pinching every penny, but #1-) if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.. purchasing from those cheap knockoff sites is never worth the headache, as @hyechica81 mentioned, and #2-) I just think it's a good idea to support small business.

    Good luck to you in your search for your dream dress :)
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    bridal consigments are the way to go if you cannot afford the high price tag you may not find the cassablanca there but you might find something that would top it and be more amazing on you

    how much are you willing to spend on the Casablanca?
     rk bridal a bridal store in nyc that also sells online they are a ligit website that sells designer gowns at a slight discount these gowns are the real deal. they have it for 900 but if you need it in a size 18-28 its a 70.00 more plus they are giving you a free veil
    also has it for 900 but you get free shoes and veil with it  this is also a ligit store Illinois but they have an online store that you can order from.

    this one is new with tags had a 1/4 of a inch taken in on both sides a size 12 could be altered down more but not sure if it could be taken out if so most likely 1 size up
    she is asking 599 for it
    this one is new with tags asking 700 size 10 ivory never altered

    hope this helps you is also a ligit reseller website

  • thanks so much ladies!! i started making payments on the dress at the shop i originally found it at!
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