What's the best jeweler in Cincinnati for repairs?

Re: What's the best jeweler in Cincinnati for repairs?

  • Faigle Jewelers
  • I have a long history with Diamond's Rock in Kenwood.  We've bought a lot of things from them over the years and they have a jeweler in house to make repairs.  They also do custom work.  I have taken jewelry to them that was purchased at another store, and they had no problem repairing it.

    We bought my engagement ring and wedding band from Stafford Jewelers in Kenwood mall, and they are also amazing.  I've read some negative comments about them, but I've had nothing but great customer service and they are prompt too.  They also have a jeweler in house, but he travels back and forth between their two locations.  So some days he is in Kenwood, and other days in Northern Kentucky. 

    Both stores have been great about pricing and turn around time.  

    Hope that helps!
  • Just as an update, I have found out why people are so negative about Stafford jewelers. They were great originally when the diamonds, setting, and wedding band were all purchased. But within six months I have had SEVERAL issues with the quality of the work done there. They have made attempts to repair their own defects several times and only made the issue worse, and created several other issues along the way. I do not recommend them. The price and quality of the diamonds and setting are good. The customer service is terrible... Go to Diamonds Rock. My family has been working with them for years, and that's where I took my Stafford ring to get repaired. Just skip the hassle and go to Diamonds Rock. Even if it's too late and you didn't buy the ring from there, just PLEASE take it there for service...
  • I haven't had any issues with Schwartz Jewelry in North College Hill. Had my engagement ring bust two prongs breaking up a fight and they helped me pick a new setting and was more than happy to set two additional prongs.
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