Wedding day makeup for (this) Saturday

    So I had it all figured out that Julie with on location would do my makeup for this Saturday when I get married, but it has been incredibly difficult trying to find a time when we are both available to do a makeup trial.  I really need to find someone short notice, preferably someone who will come to me, to do my makeup.      Does anyone have any recommendations?  I've heard that MACC does a good job.  Does anyone know if the girls who work there do makeup application on the side?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  TIA!!

Re: Wedding day makeup for (this) Saturday

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    You could try contacting Beauty in Milwaukee. They have a ton of talented makeup artists/hair stylists there that do high quality work.
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    I would hit up the MAC makeup counter at Macy's in Mayfair. Even though it's last minute I would try to squeeze in a trial run! Good luck!
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    I agree...if you haven't done so already...go to MAC, or even Estee Lauder at Boston Store in Mayfair...some of those girls are awesome and I know they have done stuff on the side...othewise Beauty is a great suggestion...they are FANTASTIC...also check out BLUSH in the third ward, I bet they would have a ton of ideas....good luck! I am sure it will work out great!!
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