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Hi Ladies (and Gents),

I am curious what your plans are for your rehearsal dinner. Where are you hosting it? What will your menu look like? When did you book it?

I am getting married in Toronto in June 2014, and my FI and I are now trying to nail down our rehearsal dinner plans. I appreciate your help :)


Re: Rehearsal Dinner

  • Hi ahyatt87, my in-laws planned our rehearsal dinner at an intimate candlelit Italian restaurant in Hamilton called La Spaghett. It was really fantastic. It was just for both of our immediate families and we ordered off of the menu. She booked everything maybe about one month in advance. We didn't have an actual rehearsal so it was more like a night-before-the-wedding dinner. So what are you guys thinking for your rehearsal dinner? Are you two in charge of organizing it?
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  • That sounds really nice @yellowdaisies84. Our rehearsal dinner will be 18 people in total. This includes the wedding party, their partners, and our parents. I'm glad to hear it can be organized in about one month! Yes, it will be my FI and I organizing and paying for it. We are leaning towards something casual, fun, and (hopefully) for between $400-$500 :)

    Since we just started planning, we are still figuring out our options.
  • We are getting married in April and I'm just starting to think about this now. I'm pretty sure that we're going to book a local restaurant that's not too far from our Church. If everyone brings their SO's and kids we'll be at 25 people.
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  • Good luck with all your planning- if your rehearsal dinner is going to be in downtown T.O then you have a lot of options! Sounds like you want to do it for about $27 a person which could be a little tricky at most restaurants but not impossible. I've been to one rehearsal dinner at a Boston Pizza which I think would have been in your budget and another friend brought in platters from Costco and had a casual buffet in the church basement after the rehearsal.
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  • There's lots of options in Toronto whatever your budget! You could do a drinks and appetizers party which may help cut costs. You could do catering/order in if you've got the space to host that many people.
  • Thanks ladies! I'm definitively feeling better about the timing. I was worried I was really far behind! @kristbot that sounds really nice. I like the idea of keeping the dinner close to the rehearsal location. I think it will be more convenient for the guests.

    @yellowdaisies84 thank you for the great ideas. Toronto can be so expensive!

    @shelikespink That is true! I agree, the choices are pretty much endless in terms of price and type of food. Some days it feels like there is too much choice. But you have all been so helpful. I really appreciate all of your great ideas. It is super helpful!
  • No problem and good luck! You have lots of time. 

    I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding and their rehearsal dinner was at Hot House (Front and Church). It was great, they have a private room so we all got to sit together. That's the only rehearsal dinner I've been to in Toronto, and I'm doing a destination wedding so I'll be having mine at the resort!
  • That sounds like a really fun rehearsal dinner at Hot House! And of course at the resort!!!
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  • We're going to do ours at a bbq place at Yonge/Lawrence called Stack. They have a private room upstairs and they have platters that have tons of food, so we'll order a bunch of those. It will be less expensive and definitely fun and tasty!
  • We are just planning on holding a bbq at our house after our rehearsal.  We have a pool and a fire pit.  What more do you need! :)
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    Mmm, I love BBQ! Your plans all sound awesome :)

    UPDATE: FI has taken over the planning (yay) and he has decided it would be fun to go bowling. So, we will be hosting 2 hours of bowling, shoe rentals and comfort food (read: bowling alley food - pizza, wings, nachos, fries, and beer). He is very excited. I think it will be fun too. I'm also happy to have one more thing off the to-do list. But the best part is that we will be under budget for the rehearsal :)
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