Poll: The one thing you swore you wouldn't do... but did

I was just laughing about how there are certain things I swore I would never do when I got married, and that I actually did them.... Was wondering if anyone else was finding out the same things. My bridesmaid dresses are a total paradox. I swore I would have short, non-strapless dresses in multiple styles for people to pick from. I picked a floor-length strapless dress for all the bridesmaids. Any one else??

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    Haha!  I swore I was going to let my bridesmaid pick out any black tea length stapless dress (so they wouldn't end up with a bridesmaid dress they would never wear again) but I ended up with bridesmaid dresses!
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    Be glad you did what you did. I thought it would be great bonding to go shopping with each girl (all five of them)  for a different black dress/sari and would create the lok I want. FSIL went shopping on her own without telling me and two girls still don't have dresses. You guys were smart.To answer the question, I swore I would be on schedule. Not even close! I also promised myself I wouldn't watch wedding shows and let them make me crazy. Ooops!
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    I swore that I was only going to invite the people I really wanted to participate in our special day. Why would I invite that second cousin that I've only talked to twice?Well, that pretty much went out the window 48 hrs after we got engaged! Bah!
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    I'm not married yet, 28 days but I swore I wouldnt do flower girls, a candy buffet and wear a veil. Yep, I'm doing all three now. I also thought petals on the aisle and pricey flowers was retarded. I was totally bitten by the wedding bug.
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