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Naked Cakes?!?! AKA Insideout cake.

Hey brides,

I'm recently engaged and getting married in October. We are on a budget and from a rural area and the reason I tell you this is because its difficult to find good quality florists, bakeries, etc in the area without traveling a few hours. I'm trying to come up with DIY's, and ways to cut back without making my wedding drab! I've been dreaming of this day for as long as I remember, so I want it to be beautiful. My taste tends to be more vintage/shabby chic feel. Our venue that we have booked is so gorgeous! It is an old brick building with a ball room feel. Pink walls with beautiful paintings, wood floors, stained glass windows, etc. I recently saw on Pinterest a thing called "Naked Cakes" and "Inside out cakes". I THINK I really like them. Espcially with other vintage/shabby chic things. What is your opinion? Everyone I've shown them to really likes them, and I haven't checked but I am SURE that they are less expensive bc there isn't any decorating! Plus, you dont have to deal with an overwhelming amount of icing or peel off fondant! I'm going to attach a few photos, I love the one with peaches mostly and I thought "hey maybe I can just do something small on a beautiful cake plate, surrounded with flowers or fruit and then do some vintage feeling cupcakes too?!". Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

Re: Naked Cakes?!?! AKA Insideout cake.

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