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Wedding party entrances

What is generally the order of when everyone comes in at the start of the ceremony... I was thinking that the guys come in first, then the mothers, the bridesmaids, then the flower girls/ring bearers... is there any specific order that this should happen? 

Re: Wedding party entrances

  • Our guys went down the side aisle at the same time as the first bridesmaid. My husband's mother was already seated (mine walked me down the aisle).

  • I've typically seen the guys either come up the side isle, out of the pastor's office or down the middle isle depending on the set up of the ceremony. Then I think the mothers, and then the BM and then the bride (i haven't been to many with flower girls so don't remember where they came in)
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    I referred to have my bridesmaid and groomsmen walk together. Some of the girls were scared they would trip and wanted to hang on to someone. So here was our order:

    H and Best man came in form the side of teh church with the Pastor.

    (my grandparents were already seated bc they are frail.


    My mom

    BM/ GM together


    (we didnt have a flower girl/ ring bearer or they would have gone here)

    Me and my dad.


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  • I am doing it similar to KatWAG.  We are having our GMs and BMs walk out together.  For us it was logistics too since we didn't want the processional/recessional to take longer than the actual ceremony!!

  • our mothers do not care to make a formal trip down the aisle, so they will already be seated. our wedding party will walk in this order:

    groomsmen and groom



    flower girl

    Me and ___ walking me down aisle (undecided on who that will be, possibly my brother)

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    Ours went:
    -MOB (escorted by my Dad, who then came back down the aisle to get me)
    -Parents of Groom
    -Guys (including minister) entered

    We didn't have flower girls or ring bearers.
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    You can change the order up as you like. Ours went: -Officiant -MOB escorted by my brothers -MOG escorted by FI -Groomsman -Best Man -Bridesmaid -MOH -Ringbearer and FG -Me and my dad ETA: Ack- paragraphs not working...
  • Classical procession (not
    1. after all guests are seated. The MOB and MOG are seating typically by a brother/male family member/usher
    2. The Groom and Officiant enter next
    3. The grooms men follow suit or escort the bridesmaids down the aisle
    4. If the Bridesmaids are not escorted - they enter next
    5. MOH enters
    6. Flower girl/ring bearer/sign presenter
    7. FOB or other escort (if applicable) with bride.
    That being said - today's weddings are not necessarily as structured as in the past. There are many variations these days as many couples are forgoing the bridal party, no children are in the bridal party, brides walk independently or family isn't present.
    Now if it is a religious ceremony - there are different standards for that all entirely.
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