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Do I really need ideas prior to a hair/make-up trial?

I either need advice or a slap in the face. Or both!

I am the absolute worse when it comes to hair and make-up. I style my (long, thick, wavy) hair regularly in pinned up dutch braids because 1.) I can, 2.) it looks nice and 3.) it gets my hair out of the way. I can apply my own make-up in a "nice but still natural" way. However, I'm not good enough to do either of these things for my wedding day and would really prefer to hire a professional.

Finding a professional isn't the problem; my problem is once I go in for a trial I don't know what I want. Like, for make-up I want to look "like me but better," which doesn't really tell anyone anything I'm sure. But I don't know what "styles" I like because I really can't see a difference between "she looks normal" and "she looks made/glammed-up." I'm even worse about hair; I'm telling people that "I don't care how much hair spray or bobby pins you have to use, as long as it is up and pretty all day," and that's the extent of my caring. I'm trying to find pictures of up-dos I like but I just really, really don't care.

How important is it to come to a trial with pictures prepared? Would it be truly awful if I go in as clueless as I am? I feel like I'll like just about anything.

Re: Do I really need ideas prior to a hair/make-up trial?

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    If you're really not that picky I'm sure they'll find something you like.  As for makeup, when you say "Like me, but better" what you mean is that you want to go for a subtle, natural look.  Explain that and your makeup artist should hopefully have a portfolio for you to look through as well, even if you can't choose one specific look, just say what you like or don't like about certain images and they should be able to go from there.  
    As for hair, say you want an updo and are open to suggestions.  They too should have a few images of their own to show you, and again, even if you can't pick one, just explain what you like or don't like about different looks.  
  • Thanks so much! I just felt like I would be too wishy washy because I don't have a dream about what my face or hair would look like on my wedding day and would end up frustrating the stylists. So I don't necessarily have to come in with pictures in hand?
  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    It's helpful to bring in photos, but not everyone does.  As long as you can give a general idea, for instance you want a natural, subtle look (I like to call it "enhanced natural" but idk if other makeup artists call it that) for makeup and an updo that keeps your hair out of your face for hair.  

    It sounds like you're comfortable doing this, so you can just let them know that as long as they follow your general idea, they can go with what they think would look best.  As professionals who have done this before, I seriously doubt you're the first person to come in without a set idea for what they want, and they should know what will look good on you.  And personally if someone came in and was like "be subtle but do whatever you want" I'd have a lot of fun doing their makeup.  
  • Thank you so much for the reassurance!
  • Take a photo with you of how you look normally. Also take a photo of your wedding dress with you & bring your veil (or whatever you might be wearing in your hair). Give your stylist a good idea of the venue you are getting married. And it sounds like you would be comfortable with a style you won't have to fuss with during the day & is out of your way, if I am correct, make sure to tell your stylist that too. A good stylist will be able to come up with some suggestions on styles that will look good with your dress, the style of your wedding and your comfort level.

  • I don't think you need any ideas really. Just explain what you normally wear and if you would rather emphasize eyes or lips or you hate blush, tell them that.
    I honestly had no clue what I wanted, and she managed to get it spot on, and also pushed me a little out of my comfort zone while still keeping it in line with what I wear normally.

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