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Bengali Wedding Welcome-favors?

My fiance's family is from Bangladesh, and we are having a predominantly South Asian wedding. My soon to be mother in law wants to give my family members (we're American and there are about 50 guests from my side -- and 200 on his) flowers and sweets at the door. She said that in Bangladesh the hosting family gives the visiting family something to welcome them when they arrive. We discussed corsages and boutonnières, but I can see those getting expensive, and I was thinking they would really slow people down at the door. Any ideas about a more affordable but still lovely alternative?

Re: Bengali Wedding Welcome-favors?

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    I was thinking about getting jasmine gajras for my bridal party and guests. They are quoting me $10 per string! Do you know were to get them at a discounted price in the NJ/NY area. $3.00/per string seems more reasonable.  

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    That sounds really great. Do you know any places that make silk gajras? It would definitely be great to have real flowers, but gotta keep the options open for the soon to be mother-in-law :)
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    Agree that jasime gajras are the best.  I hope they don't cost $10 a strand!
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