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The provided checklist is overwhelming! Help me figure out what I need!

Our wedding date is May 10th and we've already done a lot, but probably not enough. The provided checklist on here is too overwhelming for me!

We are doing a DIY/budget wedding at a historical site. There will be no rehearsal dinner, there will be no wedding party, the ceremony is close family only at 11am and then photos and a catered lunch reception on site afterwards. No toasts, more banquet style, family reunion style reception. The site provides kitchen and lots of seating and tables, the caterer provides all dishes and linens.

I have the dress, we are doing hydrangeas in mason jars and burlap runners. We have the music and the site has a sound system.

So now I'm starting to get lost in the details. Obviously I need a veil, accessories? a bra maybe, dress is strapless. Then the guys all need tuxes and I haven't a clue what to do for an outdoor wedding in may in alabama! I know I'm going to be roasting in my sleeveless dress lol!

So if anyone can paste a checklist or link to one that is simple I'd much appreciate it!

Re: The provided checklist is overwhelming! Help me figure out what I need!

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    There is an app you can download that's called 'Our wedding' it has a much more manageable list.  I am partial to the knot checklist as it is very detailed.  My wedding is on 5/31 and I still have 49 items to do, so I know it can be daunting!  But since your keeping things toned down, you can check a lot of things off this list right away!
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    I enjoy the knot checklist, ill remove items from it though that I dont need. That way its more managable
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    i also find the checklists to be overwheling at times, but i just focus on 1 thing at a time.  I've used the check lists to make my own lists of what i'd like to accomplish each week and check off as much asi can that isnt relavent or done to make it less scary looking!
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    Yay for May 10th weddings!

    The Knot's checklist can be overwhelming but I've also deleted a lot out of it because it's not necessary (Think about wedding bands, find wedding bands, talk to wedding bands, book wedding bands, triple check you've booked wedding band...gah!).

    I try to do things in "chunks," like I researched my florist, booked meeting(s), decided, signed contract and figured it out now all my flowers are totally done. I'm not good with stretching out details and planning and so I'd rather just marathon one aspect and just finish. But don't worry...I'm starting to get overwhelmed by the details as well. When that happens, I just back away for a couple minutes and grab a glass of wine.

    As for what the guys can wear, I'm having an outdoor ceremony in May in Southern Florida so I feel ya! If you're not dead set on tuxes, maybe try for khaki suits or something lighter like linen? The main thing I realized when searching for guys stuff is that I need them to wear it ALL for maybe an hour and a half (ceremony and pictures) and then they can take off the jacket, vest, etc. and roll up sleeves.

    I hope this helps!
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    @klc0d9...omg hilarious! 
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    and yes, that's how the list is getting me. There are SO MANY things we just aren't doing and those things clog the list. I feel like I've been deleting for hours!

    I've downloaded the Our Wedding app and it has a much better list. I need just the main bullets, not reminders ya know? The knot is great for making sure you keep on track, but I don't need a track to be on, just details.
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    Confession, I had not once looked at the checklist! We got engaged in August for a May wedding so pretty much since the beginning, I have just been "go,go,go - get it done!" So all the big stuff has been done for ages. I swear I am more stressed about the little things, but according to the checklist, I am in good shape.

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    Please wear a bra with your strapless will be photographed all day, and some fabrics show up sheer. Your wedding day is NOT the day for nip slips.

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    Im not wearing a bra, had bra cups added to my dress. Also if your dress is altered right, you shouldnt have to worry about it slipping anyway right?
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    LOL!! I bought a dress that could specifically be used without a bra (corset style?) and then I'll be wearing one of those silicone bras or whatever they are called.
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    I also found the checklists overwhelming since we are not doing most of those things. We ended up just trashing the checklists and figuring out the rest on our own.

    I second having cups sewn in or some sort of bra. Nip slip or just nipples showing through your dress is something I'd regret in my wedding pics later.

    I didn't see it on your list, but officiant (if you need one) and figuring out marriage license logistics are important. Its good to be prepared with what the requirements are. I know some cities require you to have a minimum waiting period or require you to get married in the city you got the license in.
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    I found a checklist I like much better and printed it out. I realized I do way better with pen and paper!
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