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Where to buy crinoline/hoop skirt for mermaid dress???


I am trying to find a place to buy some crinoline or a hoop skirt to wear under my Henry Roth Elma dress. I've seen some from China on Ebay, but I am worried about the quality, etc. Does anyone have any websites or stores in the NJ/NYC area to recommend? Or does anyone know if Kleinfeld's will add crinoline to a dress? I really want my dress to have more volume at the skirt.

Re: Where to buy crinoline/hoop skirt for mermaid dress???

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    Kleinfelds will do whatever you want them to for a fee...
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    I'm doing the same thing and my bridal shop is ordering one for me. Therefore, I'd imagine any bridal salon can take care of this for you. I got my dress at Sandras in PA but have heard great things about Bijou in Paramus
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    I wore a modified A-line and wanted it to have more poof at the bottom too. Instead of a slip, the seamstress added a few layers of crinoline to what was already there, to show me what it would look like. I bet yours can do the same (for a fee, like PP said). That way you won't have an added layer where you want it smooth. In the end I didn't care for the poof and we didn't use it. But it is definitely possible. Ask your seamstress. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the input ladies! I'm just a little anxious that my first fitting is coming up & I haven't found the crinoline I am looking for.
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