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Hey knotties,

Have you ever been to (or held) a reception at a restaurant? We're trying to think of ways to cut costs that include a dance floor, tables, chairs, etc - and this is one of them. Thanks!

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    My daughter had her reception in a traditional golf/country club.  My son had his reception in a restaurant in the city.  It certainly did nothing to reduce costs, however.   Both venues included many things, such as a dance floor, linens, tables, and chairs into the per person cost.

    There are typically many venues other than restaurants that offer inclusive pricing.
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    I have been to several restaurant receptions.  It all depends on what they have to offer you.  Remember, first you draw up your guest list and your budget!  Then and ONLY then, you may look at venues that fit the budget and guest list.  Don't try to shoe horn your wedding reception into a space that you like because it fits some vision you have.
    The best way to cut costs is to have a daytime wedding with a brunch/lunch reception.  That can cut your costs in half!
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