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NWR: Presentation of the Host

Im hoping you ladies might be able to help out a non-Catholic. I've been attending Mass with my Catholic boyfriend from time to time, and we've repeatedly been asked by an usher if we would like to present the bread and wine. I've been responding with a simple, pleasant No thank you, with the idea that since I'm not taking communion, I shouldn't be participating. I think that's fine, but I just wanted to check in case there's a more appropriate response.


Re: NWR: Presentation of the Host

  • If it's the same usher repeatedly I might tell him that you aren't Catholic so he will know to stop asking, but other than that your response is perfect.
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  • is there any harm in this though?  it is just wine and just bread - not yet the body and blood.

    but i do respect OP's position (and think its admirable).  but if it is ok to do it might be a nice way to her to share in the faith with her boyfriend.


  • I don't think its disallowed, but I think it's not fitting for someone to bring up the bread and wine if they don't recognize that it's about to become the actual body and blood of Christ.  

  • Thanks ladies!
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