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Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice on whether or not our timeline makes sense (don't worry, there WON'T be a gap). The latest we can marry at the church is at 3:00pm and should be done by 3:45-4pm. Then everyone goes to the reception for 1-hour of cocktails while we take pictures at the church. At 5:00 we arrive and start dinner, dances, etc. The reception venue offers us 5 hours (4pm-9pm) but we can add on an extra hour if needed. My FI is worried that people will leave early and the sun doesn't set until 7pm (we wanted an evening reception). I think that everything will be fine bc we'll have mostly older relatives who wouldn't stay late anyway and I think they are likely to stay at the reception longer if it begins/ends earlier. Basically, I'm just trying to see if the reception should end at 9pm (is that too early?) or 10pm. Or maybe I'm just over-thinking! Any input would be helpful!

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Re: Ceremony/Reception timeline

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    IMHO, 9:00 is fine, especially if you have a lot of older guests.  The younger party group will probably end up doing some sort of after party whether you end at 9 or 10, especially if there are bars nearby.  
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    How much is it to add an hour?? Does that fit into your budget?

    You could always have an informal after party. Just tell the people who still want to have fun that they can meet you at X bar.

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    If you can, I'd keep the reception ending at 9pm and have an unofficial after party at a bar. That way you're not paying for drinks for everyone anymore, you can be a lot more relaxed, and you can just hang out with your "party friends" instead of all the older relatives. Maybe you could even get a private room at a bar or something, with no fee except a bar minimum for example. 
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