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Please help me find this dress?!

I'm engaged and we're hoping to be married this summer. I'm marrying a Muslim so we decided to go with an Islamic wedding dress so I wouldn't have to buy two dresses, or make a lot of alterations. We're getting married twice, once here in America and then in Egypt down the road so his family can attend. We agree on a dress, though I think I more than he does. Problem is, I've only found it on Chinese sites that worry me. I found it on another site that looks semi-reliable, but still China based. I'd really like to try it on and buy it here in America, but I live in the upper Midwest. The nearest cities are: Sioux Falls SD, Sioux City IA and Omaha NE, the last is a bit of a trip. So far I haven't found any shops that carry any Islamic wedding dresses in the area.

The site I found it on with the best picture is:

I'm hoping someone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Please help me find this dress?!

  • That is going to be a difficult one.

    Have you considered trying on wedding dresses but then adding a long sleeve bolero to it?  As for the headpiece/veil, that may have to be specially ordered or custom made by a seamstress.

    Here is a link to the Allure modest collection that may be of some use:

    But I am guessing the main aspect is that you have to be covered, not completely, but meaning no bare arms.  Is that correct?

  • I did a Google image search and here's what came up:

    Good luck!

  • Islamic dresses are designed so that the only visible parts of the woman's body are the face and hands. So he's asked that I wear a shirt under this dress when we're in Egypt, which means the slits wouldn't normally work, and my neck shouldn't show there either. He loves my hair and said that he doesn't want me to wear a veil on those days so he can see me.

    All of the fabric most be solid as well, no lace or screen-like fabric. The problem with buying a modest dress is the changes I'm still going to have to do to alter the top of the chest area and not just the sleeves.  Or I'll have to buy a shirt right away to wear to the American Ceremony, I feel that most dresses look funny with those kinds of alterations or by wearing a shirt under that. Plus, I feel that it would be very noticeable and I would be uncomfortable the whole time.

    Mostly I'm trying to save on costs and alterations would be add fair amount, and I don't believe in changing a wedding dress. I love the one I found, and I can add links to the other sites I've found it on if you'd like.

    At first I thought I wouldn't like to go through all this trouble, but I decided to look at the dresses one day and found that I like them a great deal more than the one designed in this country that show a lot more skin in comparison. Some of the Islamic dresses are truly beautiful.
  • I think the issue is going to be trying to find a salon in your area that sells those types of dresses. Have you considered researching a seamstress that could make you a dress that resembles the dress you like but meets all the requirements you noted?  I really think that may be your best bet to get what you want without having to go on a massive search and/or making a lot of modifications to an already modest dress.

    So you would only need to be covered completely when you are in Egypt correct?  So for that matter you could purchase a dress that you love here and then see if extra fabric could be ordered and have a seamstress create a high neckline and long sleeved jacket that buttons up the back and that contains embellishments and such to match the dress.

    Or finally, does your FI or his family have any recommendations in regards to stores in the US or even abroad that would have these types of dresses?  It may be beneficial to get their insight and then you could possibly purchase directly from a shop that sells these types of dresses.

  • @bettle44 this is there modest line and when i say modest almost all the dresses have a really high neckline and a high back i think one of these will work for you

    here are a few i thought would work for you
    higher neckline zip up back
    this one has a lace up over zipper back but i am sure they can take out the lace ups and make it only zipper

    all of them you can get a bolero if the sleeves are to short

  • I've been looking for a salon that sells these types of dresses, and so far the internet hasn't been helpful. I've thought about going to a seamstress but I don't really trust people in the area. If you say you're looking for a wedding dress to be fixed up or anything for a special occasion, it's pretty much a 'ho hum, oh you to...' response, but I may ask around. I've also that about going to David's Bridal and asking if they might know anything. I know that isn't really considered polite.

    I'd have to be covered here in America as well since we'll be married in a Mosque and it would offend some people if I wasn't, that includes my FI. Otherwise this might be a lot easier.

    My FI's entire family lives in Egypt and barely speaks a word of English. They would be able to send me to a place there but I really don't want to buy two dresses when we have to pay for all the forms for him to be a permanent resident here in America and what goes with it. The forms alone will be around $2,000, and we're both in college. So I'm trying to keep costs down.
  • But you wouldn't have to buy two dresses if you are perfectly happy with the Islamic style dresses.

    Ask your FI for help.  And him telling you to wear a shirt under your gown is not helping.

    Like I said, finding salons in the US that sell Islamic style wedding dresses is going to be very hard to do and you will most likely have to order it online without trying it on.  You most likely will need to go to the source or work with a seamstress to get a dress that is appropriate.

  • I think you should just take a picture of that dress to a dress maker and see what they can do for you.  Another option is to buy a long sleeve dress such as this and have lining added in the sleeves/neckline so that it is not sheer.  You are most likely going to need some sort of alterations to get what you are looking for.

  • What do other Muslim women do in your area? 

    That last dress is gorgeous. I almost died looking at it.

    Depending on your size and inclination you could always go vintage and just wear a long sleeve undershirt underneath.

    Wedding Black & White, Sepia
  • To Maggie0829, sorry for the misunderstanding. I knew you weren't saying I should get two dresses, I simply wanted to say that that option was off the table.

    My FI has been helpful and considerate. The only times he's said I would need a shirt were when I was looking at dresses that showed a little to much. He is trying to be understanding of what I like and how our culture is. He's even been looking at dresses with me when we have time. He suggested this one:
    I don't care for the tulle showing and I'd look a bit lop-sided in it otherwise I liked it, but not love. He tried to find others after I said that.

    I'll take your advice on trying to find a seamstress though.

  • To debmonn I did consider vintage dresses, but I didn't really see any that appealed to me.

    One of my Muslim lady friends is looking at wedding dresses as well, but she's having just as hard a time as I am. The other I met through my FI and since it was my first time meeting her it wasn't very appropriate to ask her questions like this.

  • @bettle44 you said you live in the upper mid west ok  these are some salons that have bonny

      MINOT, ND  
      10 2ND STREET W.
      701-774-0300 not sure how far ND is from you use this locater to see more results but also call the salon to see if they have any of the bliss line carried there ( the modest line)

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