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Looking for less-expensive and less-traditional florist!

We thought we had a great local florist nailed down for our 10/25/14 wedding (She was referred to us by our photographer and uses all local and wild flowers, was pretty inexpensive), but we just found out that she's moving to PA. This leaves us without any idea of who to contact next. We've been to speak to one fairly traditional and popular florist, and were kind of blown away by how much we'd have to extend our budget to go with that place.

We really only want a bridal bouquet, one bridesmaid bouquet, and small centerpieces for about 12 tables. Not sure where to turn. Basic Google research is turning up mostly traditional types.

Any help or info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Looking for less-expensive and less-traditional florist!

  • You can always order your flowers that you want through Costco or other big retailers and also online florists and make the arrangements yourself. That way they have a personal touch to them and you can get exactly what you want. I think this is what I am going to do. 

    Also, even though most florists are traditional, they can probably cater toward your needs and do something less traditional. So I would check with some traditional florists about this. Have you asked your original florist for any reccommendations?

  • I'm using whole foods on wade ave. in Raleigh. I think the one in Cary does weddings too. Their prices are outrageously friendly for bridal bouquets. & they will deliver - their fee is also super reasonable.
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