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Ceremony/reception help

I thought I found the perfect place--the Kyoto Gardens Hilton in Downtown LA. They have a Japanese garden on the third floor roof and their prices are very reasonable. I love the setting and I want to have both the ceremony and the reception in the same location, and this is ideal.

I saw the venue a month ago, and I have still NOT received a cost estimate from the catering manager. I called two weeks ago, and she said she would send it along. Two weeks later, I ask again, and still nothing.

My wedding is in 6 months. I cannot sent out invitations or even a "save the date" because I have no signed contract.

I am now faced with finding a new location or complaining to the hotel, which may strain the relationship with the catering manager.

Is this normal? How long should it take to get a contract from the venue? How long should it take to send a price quote?

I have another alternative location, but it would mean having a separate wedding ceremony venue and reception venue. They aren't that far apart, but I don't really want my guests to drive all over L.A.

Any advice for how to handle this? I am really anxious and stressed out.

Re: Ceremony/reception help

  • Yikes!! I can't imagine dealing with this 6 months before my wedding!! It seems obvious, but have you checked your spam to see if maybe the e-mails went there? =) 
    If you are having a hard time getting a vendor to reply to you before they have your money, it usually doesn't get any better once they have a non-refundable deposit. 
    I think that I would probably move on (although I realize that it's easier said than done). 

    If you really want to give Kyoto Gardens another try, give them a call and politely, yet firmly express your frustration with them. Ask them to e-mail you the contract/quote while you're on the phone to make sure they have your correct contact information and that you get it in case there are any questions/concerns. 

    Hope that helps (although I realize it's not very decisive). 

    Good luck!!! 
  • I found a different venue--the Hilton Checkers. The catering manager there is *so* much more responsive--she even treated my fiance and I to lunch, and the food was wonderful. At every step she has followed up. And, she reserved the presidential suite, which is on the rooftop where we're getting married--for a steal! I'm so glad I decided to switch venues.
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